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Some makes and models have stops, shims or limiting brackets of some kind. We recommend they be removed. See your machine’s make and model owner’s Manual.

The Crusher® Rolls ARE DESIGNED TO TOUCH EACH OTHER. Rollers should run together like well meshed gears. Rolls will time when they come together in the groove. Timing should not be a problem, THEY MUST COME TOGETHER OR BOTTOM OUT, for a good fit. Tension pressure should be applied to rolls for good crop conditioning. Start with your tension at about ½ to 2/3rds of your tension system. Go about 100yrds and check your crop for a good crush and cracked stem. If it’s bruising leaves too much or cutting tops off, back off a turn or two. If not enough, increase your pressure. Care should be taken in replacing the new rolls. Please use CAUTION when replacing rolls into machine. B&D Rollers is not responsible for damaged rolls when being installed.

To repair cuts, use the JB WELD-STEEL included with your packet. Mix up the 2-part epoxy and put into the crack and leave overnight. This will bond the rubber together. We do not want juices and moisture to seep down to the core, as this will cause possible bond failure of the rubber to the steel over time. Rolls should be kept out of direct sunlight and direct heat or flame. To clean rolls, Pressure wash with WATER ONLY!

Please contact us immediately, if you experience any problems with your rolls or have any questions about setting your rolls properly. We appreciate your business and value you as our customer! HAPPY HAYING!!!

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