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The ultimate in
hay conditioning

Crush and crimp with higher yield.
The Crusher dries hay faster than factory rolls, while fully flattening and conditioning the entire stem with minimal leaf loss. Retain nutrients in the plant for a higher RFV (Relative Feed Value) and make softer, more palatable hay.

Hay stems processed with The Crusher
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Only complaint is that I didn’t go with The Crusher rollers years ago. My hay dries faster and is softer now.

Tom B.


“Bill says our rollers produce top quality hay. He gets over 50% quicker dry down frequently and less leaf loss.”

Bill F.

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    Long lasting & Durable

    Proprietary rubber compound for smooth use for upwards of 1200 hours a year plus each set - outperforming your old rollers.

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    Works on any machine & all forages

    Proven to be effective in ALL forages and compatible with ALL brand name machines with no modifications needed.

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    Excellent Feedability

    Retain more leaves and provide better nutritional value in the plant for a higher RFV (Relative Feed Value).

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    Faster drying time

    Completely compressing stems significantly decreases dry-down time when compared side-by-side to mower conditioners with factory-installed rollers.


Have cut near 200 acres now. Feeds unbelievably well. Don’t know if I want to tell anyone about the rollers -they give me such an advantage!”

John C.

Trusted across the globe

Our Customers are worldwide

With a network of dealers ready to help you across North America, Mexico & Australia, The Crusher is serving over 2,400 customers worldwide. No matter where you are, there’s a Crusher near you.

Works with any brand

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The Crusher Hay Conditioning Rollers used on a John Deere machine
The Crusher Hay Conditioning Rollers

thicker rubber wall, for softer hay

The Crusher is designed with a proprietary rubber compound that compresses alfalfa stems completely to make softer hay that retains more leaves, significantly providing better nutritional value.

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Since 2006, The Crusher has been the premium aftermarket replacement rollers that are completely universal and fit any machine. Developed through many different field tests, consulting with farmers, and continuous research and development, The Crusher is ready to help you dry hay faster and make softer, more palatable hay.

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No matter where you are, there’s a Crusher near you.

Hay processed with The Crusher