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The Crusher

Discover the ultimate hay conditioning rollers – sold across the globe, and made for most brand name machines, our proprietary rubber compound allows for longer wear and softer hay. It completely flattens the stem with minimal leaf loss, thus retaining the nutrients in the plant for a higher RFV (Relative Feed Value).

  • Long lasting with 1200+ hours a year each set
  • Proven to be effective for all forages
  • Increases RFV-Relative Feed Value
  • Faster dry-down time
  • Repairable rubber compound material
  • Thicker rubber wall for softer hay

Frequently Asked Questions

Will The Crusher work on my machine or forage?

The Crusher works on all forage types and on any machine.

The Crusher is completely universal and is proven to be effective in most forages and compatible with most brand name mower style conditioner machines with no modifications needed.

Do I need to modify my machine to fit The Crusher?

No modifications are needed to install The Crusher.

We offer a premium aftermarket replacement roller system that runs on any machine. Use your own tension system, no air bags, and no modifications to your machine.

Who should I contact if I have an issue?

Our team of experts are ready to help.

Contact our team directly with any questions you have.

Toll Free: 800-832-1135
Shop: 320-634-5115

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How long do the rollers last?

Proprietary rubber compound for longer wear & tear.

The Crusher rollers life span is based on what we’ve found out testing in California. Because of their long growing season, we’ve been able to test them for a longer period of time in one year. With our 3rd generation compound of rubber the rollers are now lasting over 3600 hours in the field! That is an increase of over 500 hours per set from our last rubber compound.

What kind of capacity or tonnage per acre can your Crusher rollers handle?

Our Crusher hay conditioning rollers can handle volumes anywhere from 1 to 10 tons an acre. Of course speeds will vary depending on tonnage. If you have any issues or concerns our sales staff is readily available to help answer any questions you may have.

Do I have to purchase any additional equipment to use The Crusher conditioning rollers in my machine?

Unlike conditioning rollers sold by our competitors, The Crusher conditioning rollers are designed to work with your existing system. Our unique and aggressive groove design is what makes this possible. When you purchase our top of the line Crusher conditioning rollers you’ll not only get to take advantage of a premier conditioning system, you also won’t need to purchase any additional equipment to use the Crusher in your machine.

Do you make new rollers or do you just put new rubber on my old rollers?

We make new Crusher rollers for a variety of popular machines. We also have the capability to recover rollers with our signature Crusher groove design for many other machines. Contact our friendly and helpful sales staff to learn more about the products we have to offer. Find out what we can do for you to get started in making high quality hay today!

If I buy your rollers will I have to go slower when cutting hay?

We have years of experience helping farmers make some of the best hay on the market. In all the years of running our rolls, we haven’t had many cases where a farmer’s ground speed has had to be significantly reduced. Our Crusher rollers are so aggressive they’re able to feed high volumes of material without compromising speed in the field.

Do you balance your rollers?

The Crusher hay conditioning rollers are balanced at over 1,000 RPMS. Owner Dan Ostrander says “We overdo it (balance the rollers), but I’d rather take the extra time and have them balanced more than they need to be then send them out not balanced enough.” Having such a high standard when it comes to balancing our Crusher rollers, ensures that the rollers will run smoothly in your machine with the least amount of wear and tear possible. Well balanced rollers are important in decreasing wear on bearings and a lot of other components on your machine.

What is your warranty on a set of rollers?

1 year from the date of install. If you started using your rollers at the end of the year, then we consider the next season too, just to be fair.

Can I talk with someone who has your rollers?

We have plenty of very happy customers that will take the time and talk with you about our rollers and give you honest feedback.

Can I order direct from you or do I need to buy from a dealer?

Depending on your location. If there is a dealership near you that carries our rolls, we then put you in touch with them if you’d like. Otherwise we sell direct to anyone in the market.

Do I still gap my rolls and how much tension do I use?

You do not gap the rolls. Our rollers are designed to run tight together with no gap and 100% contact. Take out all of your shims and put them tight together with NO gap. We are available year round for questions like these. Give us a call on our mobile phones or call the shop to speak with one of our qualified representative’s on how to set your rollers for maximum performance.

The Crusher Hay Conditioning Rollers
The Crusher Hay Conditioning Rollers on a New Holland machine

Smooth operator

The Crusher has the ability to run on most machines. They’re balanced at 1,500 RPM to operate without vibration so you can enjoy the ride. Use your own tension system, no air bags, and no modifications to your machine!

Crush and crimp with higher yield

Compress stems completely

The Crusher hay conditioning rollers help retain more leaves, significantly decreasing dry-down time, and providing better nutritional value.

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“The Crusher produces top quality hay.  We get over 50% quicker dry down frequently and less leaf loss.”

Bill F.