Hesston 1109 – Hay Conditioning Rollers


Premium aftermarket replacement rollers for Hesston 1109 headers.

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Hesston 1109 – Hay Conditioning Rollers

The Ultimate Hay Conditioning Rollers

The Crusher dries hay faster than factory rolls, while fully flattening and conditioning the entire stem with minimal leaf loss. Retain nutrients in the plant for a higher RFV (Relative Feed Value) and make softer, more palatable hay. our proprietary rubber compound allows for longer wear and softer hay. Developed through many different field tests, consulting with farmers, and continuous research and development, The Crusher is ready to help you dry hay faster and make softer, more palatable hay.

Use your own tension system, no air bags, and no modifications to your machine!

  • Long lasting with 1200+ hours a year each set
  • Proven to be effective for all forages
  • Increases RFV-Relative Feed Value
  • Faster dry-down time
  • Repairable rubber compound material
  • Thicker rubber wall for softer hay